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The Future Health Professionals Program (FHPP) is a 15-week educational and experiential program for underrepresented minority high school sophomores, juniors and seniors interested in careers in the health professions.  Students attend sessions for two hours per week (4:00 pm – 6:00 pm).  The program begins in November and ends in March.  High school students who complete the program and meet the program requirements are awarded a Certificate of Participation.

Through interaction with faculty and students, participants have the opportunity to explore careers in medicine, nursing, the health professions (CFT, MLS&B, OT, PA, PT, RS), pharmacy, population health, and the biomedical sciences.  These sessions are designed to prepare participants for future health care careers. 


The Future Health Professionals Program Mentor will work in a team with other Jefferson Mentors to engage the high school students on their team, ask questions to ensure they understand the content being delivered, and serve as a resource as they determine the next steps on their educational path.

Along with this interest form, we ask that you also complete the application below to apply for the FHPP Mentor Opportunity:



Engage the high school program participants on your identified team in the learning process.  Encourage and support the students to try each skill that is presented in a way that makes them feel comfortable.

Assist Executive Board members with coordinating logistics and maintaining appropriate conduct/behavior.

Attend 12+ program sessions (dates are listed in the link below) unless otherwise approved by a FHPP Executive Board Member.

Review the weekly program guide that will be sent the Monday prior to each program session to prepare for the learning activity.  Ask follow-up questions if you have any that pertain to the topic or activities for that week.

Program dates can be found here:

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